Bellyy exercise program


The 7 1 parts of the online exercise series are developed for the rehabilitation of the separated abdominal muscle condition (Diastasis Recti) and the abdominal wall, with the help of more than a decade and a half of professional experience of Eva Bajzik, M.D., physician, doctor of rehabilitation. The condition of the abdominal wall can be significantly improved in a couple of weeks, with a daily 10-15 minutes of exercise.

The videos are arranged in the recommended order of performance, and after every watched video we will ask You a couple of questions, which after answering them, will help You in practising the exercises most effectively. After you have gone through the full set of exercises, all the videos will be accessible to you anytime!

For starting the exercise series, after the purchase, we suggest, that as a first step register on our page and carry out the condition assessment.

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Diastasis Recti (open abdominal muscle) exercise program

The health of the abdominal wall is not only an aesthetical question. The neglect of open abdominal muscle (Diastasis Recti) can even lead to further complications and subsequent health problems- hernia-, and spine problems- but it has an important role in the optimal sustenance of digestion, maintenance of lower limbs’ venous circulation, the regulation of blood pressure and lymphatic circulation, but its sluggishness affects the pelvic floor as well.
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Why should you exercise with Bellyy?


Specialist background and consultation

Dr Eva Bajzik, M.D., physician, doctor of rehabilitation, developed Bellyy with her decade-long experience.

Time efficient

The original condition of the abdominal wall can be achieved, in up to a month and a half, with 10-15 minutes of Bellyy training per day.

Exercise from home

Bellyy can be done in the comfort of the home, with no need to go outside, and no need for expensive additional tools.

Family-and child friendly

Training can be incorporated into everyday life while working and with a child.

Supportive community

We offer support to those who are affected by open abdominal muscle; in achieving their goals, they have the chance for online specialist consultation and we help the orientation with informative content.

Measurable results

With the constant practice of the exercises, the abdominal circumference will change in just a few weeks; the results will be measurable in centimetres.
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